BellaPet | Kennels, Carriers, Everything for your Pets!
BellaPet | Kennels, Carriers, Everything for your Pets!

Kennels, Carriers, Accessories and much more. Whatever your cuddly pet needs.


Everything you need for the care of your faithful companions

Always focusing on the needs of your pets, we work relentlessly to make their and your live better. Accessories, kennels and much more, all designed for a simpler and easier life.

Kennels and Carriers
Cat Trees
BellaPet | Kennels, Carriers, Everything for your Pets!

and Carriers

A good night’s sleep is definitely one of the priorities of every pet. Choosing the right kennel is therefore an important task, almost as important as developing excellent products for us at BellaPet.

And if, after a well-deserved rest, you need a carrier to transport your pet, you can choose from the huge selection of dog and cat carriers offered by BellaPet.

BellaPet | Kennels, Carriers, Everything for your Pets!

Cat Trees

Every cat needs to use its claws, to have an environment of its own and feel safe, where they can move, jump and climb around. All this can be done with one solution: BellaPet’s cat trees and scratching posts.

We have many shapes, sizes, materials and colors to choose from, depending on your taste and the needs of your cat. A golden opportunity to save curtains and sofas!

We Love Your Pets

Best Materials...

For BellaPet products we have only chosen carefully selected materials that meet the needs of your pets without posing a danger.
Origin of materials and workmanship are constantly verified, and each of our dog and cat items is designed and created to meet all required certifications and standards.

...For all Sizes…

All BellaPet dog and cat beds, carriers and accessories are designed and created in different sizes and dimensions.
In this way we offer the right support for all your puppies, for every age, breed and stage of growth and development. The possibilities for customization are many, you just have to discover them!

...To Grow up with your Pets.

Raising your puppies means growing and learning with them. All BellaPet items are designed and conceived to help your pets learn and self-educate.

BellaPet | Kennels, Carriers, Everything for your Pets!


To make your pet’s life easier and more comfortable, you certainly can’t do without lots of accessories. In the extensive BellaPet range, you will find everything for the care of dogs and cats.

Items have been chosen according to the wishes of you as the owner, but also based on our experience and the advice of our technical team. Don’t miss out!

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